International road transport:

Overweight and oversized, heavy or agricultural, tracked or wheeled: be it any kind of machine, vehicle or cargo, with nearly 20 years of experience we can confidently say that Europa-Road is the best choice for international transport on other logistic needs.

Transporting goods by road the most efficiently to the following countries: Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, England, Spain, Italy, and France, but we ship to anywhere in the EU with short deadlines and affordable price. Be it any kind of cargo, our company provides the best and most efficient solution.

Our company specializes in transporting oversized goods such as heavy and agricultural machinery, with the acquisition of necessary documents and permissions. Certainly this isn’t problem for us the trucking of other loads as well.

Our company specialised for transportation of any kind of carriage, supply or shipment including pallet transportation, overweight / oversized machinery or equipment as agricultural machinery.

We can provide a wide range of transport methods to our customers, even closed vans with 2 to 6 pallets, which with we can deliver small boxed shipments (hoses, connectors, infusions, paint, etc.) to Austria, Germany, the Netherlands and Romania with high-efficiency and fast delivery times. We can also provide vans with 7 to 10 pallets for delivering paint, balers, hand tools (tile cutter, saw, angle grinder, polishing, and engraving tools) to Italy, Austria, Poland, and Romania. The list is not complete, as we also have trucks with 10-22 pallets for transporting machine tools such as drills, chainsaws, hammer drills, mowers, and angle grinders. Of course, the most cost-effective way of transporting large items or in bulk is the complete (FTL) 33 pallet 24-ton truck. It is also possible to carry a partial load (LTL) with these trucks if there are only a few larger devices such as medical equipment (X-ray, CT, MR), printing equipment (printer, copier) or other machinery (concrete mixer, demolition hammer, pump, compressor). In the case of pallet merchandise (car parts, paint, bearing, tires, tiles, rims, etc.) it is not necessary to book a full truck if the deadlines are not too short or the destination is not special. Unfortunately, partial shipments to Estonia, Lithuania, Portugal or Greece are difficult in the short-term. This does not mean that they cannot be arranged, but usually it will take a few more days than normal.

It is also important to mention bulk goods. About ten years ago, the trade of secondhand clothing in Hungary has begun to flourish with goods shipped mainly from England and the Netherlands, importing used and new shoes, clothing, and other textiles, recently underwear from Poland and import leather products from Italy. If you have similar transportation needs, even from other countries, we are happy to help.

The transport of oversized and dangerous goods (ADR) is an extremely important area for us, as we have considerable experience in this field which is not easy to obtain. This is a complex industry that requires complex skills and capabilities from transport companies. Precise planning is essential, which includes designing the optimal route, planning the whole timeline in advance and obtaining the various licenses. Cargo which exceeds the specified weight or size limits can only be transported with special permits. These permits vary from country to country, sometimes even within states and cities so they can only be obtained from the local authorities. These oversized or overweight shipments can only be transported within the timeframe specified in the license and at a set speed. Sometimes (if it is necessary for road safety) authorities may require police or other specialists to escort the vehicles. In addition, payment of various fees, such as weight fees and route licenses must be arranged. All this seems to be a lengthy and difficult procedure in the absence of proper experience and international connections, but this as a basic skill required from our colleagues. You can safely trust us to transport machines (backhoe loaders, bulldozers, rockers, dump trucks and excavators, front loaders, bobcats, forklifts beside cranes, road rollers, demolition hammers, soil compactors) or agricultural machines (tractors, combine harvesters, balers, silos as well as seed drills, trailers, sprayers, plows, harrows) and more. We transport these machines from Spain, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, but from almost anywhere if needed. Several sites offer used agricultural machinery, such as truckscout24.com or Europe-agriculture.com. If you buy the machine, we bring it home for You! Importing cars have become widespread in recent years thanks to sites like mobile.de or autoscout24.hu. If you need to transport a new or used car, caravan, bus or an oldtimer, we provide trailer transport with short deadlines. The transportation of cars is a fast and easy process if you chose us.

The transportation of tanker goods is not a problem for us. We can arrange grain transports to Italy, forage transport to Germany, but the transportation of any type of grain (wheat, barley, corn, rice) or other crops (hops, beets, onions) is possible to France, Spain, Belgium and elsewhere. We can also transport foods that require cooling (frozen meat, processed meat products, salami, sausage, fruit concentrate, grape concentrate) to England, the Netherlands, Austria or anywhere you need.

It’s important to plan the delivery date, if it can be flexibly planned, because big international holidays, especially Christmas and Easter and local national holidays can have a big impact on shipping prices, as they rise thanks to the increased demand.

Above, we have tried to demonstrate what we are capable of and how efficient we are, but this is only a part of the many tasks we can do thanks to our trained professionals. We accept orders on partial and bulk goods with short deadlines and cost-effective solutions. We offer competitive prices; you can be sure that by choosing us, you choose accurate and safe delivery.

We launch transports daily, so we can deliver even smaller items and cargo in a short period of time, both in terms of export and import. We work hard to provide the most cost-efficient and safe way of transport possible. This can be done by having a wide range of insurances, so you will not suffer any loss in the event of an unfortunate accident. What is extra for others, is a basic requirement for us in terms of international shipping.

You can be sure that your shipment is in good hands with us!